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Sergei Lyapunov: Etudes d’execution transcendante, Op. 11

Sergei Lyapunov was born in 1859 in the ancient city of Yaroslav, where his father, an astronomer, was director of the Demidov Lyceum, and grew up in a formidably intellectual family his brothers Alexander and Boris becoming distinguished in the fields of mathematics and linguistics respectively. Sergei however inherited his mothers musical talent and studied at the Gymnasium in Nizhny Novgorod, to where the family had moved in 1870 and then, on Nikolai Rubinsteins recommendation, at the Moscow Conservatoire where he was taught piano by Karl Klindworth, who was Liszts student, and composition by Sergei Taneyev, who was Tchaikovskys student. Vincenzo Maltempos artistic personality finds an important place in the contemporary wide and diversified music scene after his massive recordings and recitals dedicated to Charles Valentin Alkan of which he is considered one of the most authoritative interpreter and connoisseur in the world. Since 2009, in fact, he recorded the most important Alkan works for the English label PianoClassics; this considerable work has attracted the attention of the most renowned international magazines such as Diapason, The Guardian, PianoNews, Gramophone and others where his recordings get the coveted 5 Stars. Andrew Clements (The Guardian) says about his playing: Exhilarating, demonic, a real revelation! considering one of the greatest contemporary interpreters of this composer, no other pianist as Maltempo has managed to dominate in a so well thought-out and orchestral way the enormous difficulties of Alkans works.

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