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Recherches Sur La Statuaire Royale de la Xixe Dynastie (Bibl…

This publication is a synthesis of research on the royal statuary of the Nineteenth Dynasty. It accompanies the catalogue of these statues that appeared on line in 2019. The present volume contains the results of observations on the royal statues, which are presented by type. The first chapter presents the statues by reign and by the types of statues within each reign, including statues reused by kings of the Nineteenth Dynasty as well as ones attributed to them. The succeeding chapters follow the evolution of statue types alongside the development of costume, coiffure and attributes. The frequency of these features in group statues and in two dimensional representations as well as their parallels in ritual scenes are also studied. The investigation defines the position of each type of statue in the temple and ends with an attempt to understand the role of each statue type within the temple furniture. The next chapters deal with provenances, dimensions, materials, and techniques of the statues, followed by those on the accessories, and finally the style and the iconography are discussed, accompanied by comments on dating criteria. A general conclusion summarizes these observations, and traces the itinerary of the king through a model temple according to the corresponding statue types.

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